Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Tale of Various Farmers, a Sheep, a Goat, a Cow and One Happy Gal

Sometimes it is the most simple things in life that make you smile. 
For instance, after a very challenging week all it took was cheese to make this gal feel normal again.   Cheese and an afternoon spent with someone that makes me laugh like no other.  These two things made my Saturday afternoon  a little less gloomy, a little less grim and and a lot more gratifying.
After a late lunch at my favorite West End spot, Founding Farmers, where I ate amazing Fried Green Tomatoes, we headed to check out a semi-new cheese shop in PennQuarter, CowGirlCreamery. The creamery has a history in California but the DC retail space is fairly recent.  It is beautiful!  Stocked full of gourmet food and artisinial cheeses... this is a very Stacey place. 

When you enter the back of the space there are various employees sampling just about anything you want.  They are very knowledgable about the product and extremely friendly. 
We sampled an aged goat cheese, a nutty cowsmilk cheese and an amazing sheeps' cheese called "Lamb Chopper."  I also sampled a soft cheese that was compressed with herbs by the cheese maker's wife. It was as artistic as it was tasty... apparently she spends hours on each wheel. 

This place is also filled with other non-cheese goodies, including olives and pickled treats, a small selection of cured meats, wine and a surprisingly large selection of craft beers.  There are also some nice wine glasses, cheese knives and cutting boards, and some magazines and books for folks looking to expand their knowledge of cheese and cheese culture.

When I was reading YELP reviews on gal wrote, "I wish I could live at the CowGirl Creamery."  I had to laugh, as a cheese lover I could relate but I just wish I lived closer by. Regardless of my neighborhood, I will make sure to make my way to Penn Quarter SOON to re- visit this wonderful den of dairy. 

Try it for yourself at 919 F St. NW (between N 10th St & N 9th St

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