Saturday, April 10, 2010

Locavores and Love...

My weekly Whole Foods bill for produce, coupled by my Farmer's Market cash is WAY more than $8.  I know I am a words person and often am challenged with math but I think I have this right: by joining this co-op you get a weekly crate of goods for a monthly fee of $30.  AND, you have choices.  AND, it is fresh and local and organic.  AND, you are helping these farmers with their food movement.  Done, done and done! I love the concept and the thought of a weekly delivery. 

For the month of April you even test drive it for free.

This is what a weekly crate looks like. Umm... DEFINITELY more than $8, just saying! 

In addition to produce they offer herbs, free-range eggs and milk.  Also,  you can even give them scraps for composting (one of the things I miss as a city gal). To all things local, all things fresh, all things food--- Happy 40th Earth Day Week! 

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