Wednesday, April 21, 2010

She Ate, He Ate but were they both really "eating"?

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. 

This morning I read an article in Newsweek while riding the Metro that says, "Women connect food to their hearts. For men, it's a different organ." Surprise, surprise.  We are different, yeah, yeah.    Another case of he says tomato, she hears avocado. 

She Ate, He Ate explores food inspired memoirs and the differences in those written by men and women.  It explains that women write about food as a substitute for love, while men write about food as a way to brag about sex. "I was sad then I made brisket and felt better."  As an emotional cook, I could not help but to relate.

I had to laugh when I read, "According to celebrity chef Mario Batali, 'There's two ways to make someone happy—both are by putting something in them.' "  I immediately went into The Office (even though I am not a loyal watcher) mode and heard, "That's what she says."

I must be the last foodie in the world to hear of blog inspired book about to be released called Cook to Bang: The Lay Cook's Guide to Getting Laid, by Spencer Walker that proves this theory.  His blog has this incredible list of recipes that in one way or another are supposed to turn your late night into a "I made eggs for breakfast". There are great one liners such as-- "Tap that Ass-paragus." Crass or not, I think it's hilarious!

I have to admit that I see cooking as more poetic and a more creative task but am happy that no matter if you are male or female, from venus or mars, we are all putting a metaphorical spin on my favorite two past times:  cooking and eating.

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