Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Porta Pops, Pop Rocks and Personal Confessions...

Last Wednesday was filled with many surprises. 

It all started with a sing-a-long,  a halt at Thomas Circle, followed by an event at Vastu with amazing treats, add in an off-color comment and finally a phone call confession that later made me question my judgment in others. 

The story is not the beginning or the end.  It is the food.  In the laws of story telling we know the muddle is the heart, and like most of my stories, the heart was in the food.   The food offered creative surprises all night long.  The mini potpies... the fondant tin foil and my two favorite Ps---- porta-pops (trade marked sdp) and poprock pieces (trade marked sdp).   

To follow the lollipop trend that has come and is on its way out was portabella mushrooms on a stick with corn pops on top---- AMAZING!  But the kicker, not photographed, was a chocolate truffle that offered a surprise as you savored the inside... a party in your mouth.  Yes, my friends... this treat was baked with Pop Rocks in the center.  PopRocks... the signature candy of my childhood, there covered in dark chocolate.  It took me to an amazing place. 

All DC events have great food and the wine always flows but no food has surprised me like the food I had last Wednesday.  It was creative, fun and quite tasty.  And the best part was that it surprised me almost as much as the phone call that ended my day.  The call and the confession and the email that follow is another story... a story best saved for the book. 

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