Friday, February 26, 2010

Q&A about a Friday lunch out

Did I eat a burger for lunch?
Yes I did.

Seriously? A burger? One with Meat?
Yes. I did. I will not lie.

Was it from the BRG?
Why yes. Yes, it was.

The one across the street from your office that you pretend is not there?
Yes. That one. The one that has the amazing Greek Burger I dream of but rarely speak of.

Did it have cheese?
Yes, damn it.  It did. It was amazing. Oiey Gooey. Couldn't get enough.

Did I eat the entire burger?
Yes. Yes, I cannot lie. I ate the ENTIRE burger. Bun and all. (Bun prepared with butter)

But I had them hold the sweet potato fries, right?
No.  I got them. I savored over half of them. There, I told you.

Was it good?
Yes. It was amazing. Worth every calorie. Worthy of the Bobby Flay Throwdown.

Am I feeling guilty?
Yes. Yes I am. Couldn't feel more guilty unless I was Catholic. Conversation with healthier, more fit, slightly guilty conscious would have and should have stopped me.

Unfortunately the smarter, more health conscious Stacey is on vacation... at a spa... eating seaweed and kale... and dreaming of a juicy, cheese filled, carb loaded burger. Sometimes you just have to give in.

*the guilt led me to look up nutritional value of this said meal and it is never a good sign when the restaurant does not include it on the website. Just saying... Just saying.

**image is not representative of exact burger I consumed (from Best Bites Blog).  My burger was without bacon and disappeared WAY TOO FAST for flash.  Visit the Washingtonian Best Bites for more details on BGR, The Burger Joint. 

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