Saturday, February 27, 2010

Food for your Soul

Speaking of food and eating... I have been thinking a lot recently about what really feeds my soul.  Here is my short list menu for inspiration:
  1. Coffee, cocktails or meals with certain friends leave me rejuvinated--- Check!
  2. Magazines, blogs, books (cooking, design, business) create new knowledge--- Check!
  3. Museums, Music and Making Food make me feel creative--- Check!
Good news Chaos fans... my goal is to do something each day that leaves me inspired and cooking is top on that list (please sing refrain--- more chicken, less chaos).

Today I came home to this email from a friend who has the ingredients to fall into all three of my menu items.  The meal sounds AMAZING and it was nice to hear that it was inspired by me. 

Sooo I didn't tell you about my menu yesterday... It was good.
Appetizer/snack of crispy baked chickpeas with ceyanne-chili seasoning.
Mesclun greens with cannelini beans, shredded carrots, green onion, feta cheese and a cumin-spiced balsamic vinigrette.
Sautee of Chicken, Asparagus, Snow peas and Green Onions with a Garlic-Ginger-Coconut Milk sauce (secret ingredient vanilla)...
It was Stacey inspired!

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