Monday, September 7, 2009

Wanita Wishlist

So a long time ago in a small VA town, far far away I volunteered my time to an art program called Little Masters. Each Saturday there was a little dark haired girl that would come to art class and say, "I want_____. I need_______." Every week the blank would change with a new want and a new need for her mom, myself and anyone else that would listen. I named her Wanita.

Today as I enjoyed a relaxing Labor Day I found myself with a couple of wants and needs of my own...

1. At Barnes and Noble and I spied a new cookbook I need, Clean Food: A Seasonal Guide to Eating Close to the Source with More than 200 Recipes for a Healthy Sustainable You. I was going to buy it but then I realized that I wanted three... one for me, one for a birthday gift and one for my other whole foods eating companion. Suddenly a $30 purchased became much more. My need to give became daunting. I bought nothing.

2. A job. It is hard to appreciate a Labor Day off when technically, your laboring is limited. (Dear Employers: Can you fill this want and soon-to-be need? I ask nicely. Please, I beg of you.)

3. Amnesia. I really want to forget how good bread and cheese are, especially buttery brie on a crusty baguette served with garlicy tomatoes. I am such a healthy eater but almost on a daily basis I think of bread in a not-so healthy way. Seriously, today alone I thought about this tasty treat for 2.36 hours. Damn those simple carbs...

4. These shoes from Anthropologie. I really, really want them. Scratch that, I really, really NEED them.

5. Today was the last official day of summer. I wished it to be sunny so I could frolic. It rained. All day. I did not frolic. Guess a gal cannot get everything she wishes for.

Wanita Price

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