Sunday, September 6, 2009

Julia, Julia and Stacey

I just returned from seeing Julia & Julia and I think I can say that the movie was as cute as the book--- and as a read-the-book-then-see-the-movie type of gal, that rarely happens.

Just a couple of things I took from it...

1- My pot... the controversial red pot is present in both Julia's kitchens. It is the larger model that I wanted but it is still the same pot. I pose to you, "If one had red enamel french pot as kitchen staple, is she destined to have career in food industry?" As a possibletarian, I think so.

2- I love the kitchen melt down scenes... I certainly remain more composed as a cook but I do remember this one Christmas that I had turned our kitchen into a bakery after working 15 hours in my cute little boutique, the week before Christmas... I was EXHAUSTED and should not have tried to bake eight new recipes after 9 p.m. Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda... let's just say when Scott tasted a cookie at midnight and said it was, "Just okay." I lost it. Dough, tears and curse words were flying. If I recall correctly it went something like (please read in loud, sniffley voice), "Here I am making Christmas special for our whole f*** family while you are in there with your TV and your dog and your piddling and all you can say is they are just okay. OKAY. OKAY???? Seriously, would you tell Santa that is toys are OKAY???" Too bad New York Times didn't call to interrupt that one.

3- I think we all can take something, cook or no cook, from the scene near the end when Julia P. heard that Julia Child "hated" her. She said, "But I love her and I think if she would read my blog she would know that I was not disrespecting her. The Julia I know would understand me." The husband reminded her that was the Julia in her head not the real thing. I think we all have someone on a pedestal in our head, we all make assumptions and we all fantasize and romanticize situations... it is just important for us to know when to decipher the real person vs. the person in our head.

In honor of the movie I will enjoy something decadent, cooked with real butter and a good glass of French wine to end my relaxing city day. (Please read in Julia Child voice) I am Stacey Price, Bon apetit!

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Toylady said...

I'm so glad you went to see the movie. It's so good, and I thought of you while watching it. I may have a baguette tonight to honor you!