Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rainbow at the end of my day...

Remember ROY G BIV?

It is hard to believe that this time last year I was still the owner of a super cute gift and clothing shop that also housed a creative yarn and card making shop... One day in September Karen asked me as she was trying to knit a baby hat in the colors of the rainbow, "What colors come first?" I, without thinking, spouted off, "I think it is red, you know, ROY G BIV." She thought I was making up another answer that I did not know (not that I do that or anything) and had me second guessing. After Googling it, I knew I was right.

Technically it is the order of colors in the visible spectrum from shortest to longest, to me it is how I learned the colors in the rainbow... and how I choose to eat. I had not thought about that acronym since grade school. Funny how things stick with you.

Just like anything else in life, I can apply this concept to food. I follow the rainbow philosophy of dining--- the more colorful the meal, the better it is for you.

R- The first and favorite color you find in the rainbow is RED. Red, for red wine. In a wide mouth glass, Pinot Nior today, preferably.
O- Sweet potatoes, roasted with a yogurt curry dip or possibly my specialty, Black Bean & Sweet Potatoe Soup. A fast fix is carrots, always best dipped with hummus or in tonight's case, blue cheese pecan dip from Trader Joes (thanks, Kathy!).
Y- Yellow Peppers, my favorite roasted with onion and mushrooms. Or possibly roasted squash will do the trick. Since fall is here it is time for Butternut Squash soup!
G- Greens of any sort, sauteed with garlic and olive oil.
B- Blueberries and Greek yogurt, need I say more?
I- Plums, Black Cherries, Cranberries... I love my dried fruit mixed in my live cereal with soy milk.
V- Eggplant roasted with tomatoes and garlic... served hot or cold.

Tonight for dinner I had most of the rainbow fast and easy with my sauteed Swiss Chard & Avocado, Carrots and Blue Cheese Dip and glass of Pinot Noir.

I tore the chard and stalks into 2 inch strips and blanched with a minced garlic clove and salt in saute pan until tender. I served with chunks of firm avocado. If I had, I would have shaved Parmesan on top or maybe some blue cheese but alone it was still great!

My meal was colorful, tasty and healthy... also well deserved after a long day of running around making others happy. Add a visit from a friend bearing dip, one SATC episode and much laughter later and that is one of my favorite ways to end a day.

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Rachael said...

Black bean and sweet potato soup... hmm recipe please!