Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Cinderella Story with a Not So Fairy Ending...

In the fairy tale, when Cinderella broke her shoe she met Prince Charming and lived happily ever after... but we all know that is not how it works. When my shoe broke I met Lola, and not only was she not charming, she yelled... loudly.

Nearly two months ago, on my way out to meet a Prince and various Princess wanna-bes at a nightspot called Marvin, my favorite BCBG gold wedge broke. The average gal that was already tired might have taken that as a sign to go home but not this optimistarian... I was looking for the the happy ending. One cab ride and a new pair of equally cute shoes later I was on my way to a very fun night. The night proved itself eventful and worthy of the cab fair but the story does not end with the taxi turning into a pumpkin, there is still the issue of a broken shoe... and Lola.

SO, a month later after much delay I deliver the said shoe to the cobbler for repair. She was no Prince but if she could make these gold pieces of art whole again who needs a Prince? Days pass, weeks pass until almost a month is gone. Each night when I dress I want those shoes and I realize that I have yet again forgotten to retrieve them from my shoe fixing princess. Until today. Today I went to the cobbler. Today I met Lola. Today was the day that Lola yelled. Today I yelled back. Lola is no Princess...she is a pauper that has lost my shoe. My beautiful gold BCBG wedge. She lost my shoe and she yelled. She yelled at me for waiting so long to retrieve it. She yelled at me for not keeping up with my slip and she yelled at me for yelling back.

So, folks, there is no chicken in this story, nor is there a recipe but there are a couple of lessons:
1- Do not delay the retrieval of clothing, purses or shoes being repaired. The more time lapse the easier it is for your paperwork and your treasure to be lost.

2- Just because someone is wrong does not mean they are apologetic. Sometimes they are just plain mean.

3- No matter how optimistic you are there is not always a happy ending. Yes, I said it. Maybe
I should have let go of the shoes with my inhibitions on that night two months ago when the ending was good. Maybe I should not have wished for more. Maybe there is no Prince or Princess at the end of the story. Maybe all we get in the end is Lola, and she is yelling... loudly.

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