Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's Up with All the Pizza?

So, I have been in DC for three weeks now and every restaurant that I have eaten in (except one) or read menus of, has pizza on the menu. Gourmet pizza, mind you but it's pizza. I find it very interesting.

Could we be having a pizza culinary revolution? I feel like it is a little passe... haven't gourmet pizzas been around for awhile? Guess it is a simple, cost effective option for a chef... a blank palate of sorts to showcase your creative efforts. Hell, even I ordered one at Sette the other night. It was quite the tasty meal.

Pizza was on the menu at Pontenza but for a lunch out we opted for something lighter. Located at the corner of 15th and H Streets, NW,this restaurant has all the ingredients to be a success: the food, service and ambiance was great. So far this has been this finicky foodie's favorite DC find. It is actually a restaurant, bakery and wine shop under one roof... I do love someone that can multi-task.

The atmosphere was sophisticated and the menu was creatively simple. Rich orange walls and dark wood furniture presented a professional environment for the day time and a contemporary scene for night. The food (Italian- American) was priced great--- entrees for $8 to $20. Small plates under $10. My visiting girlfriend and I split Calamari (yes, I finally ate meat again), and Caprese Arugula Salad. The Calamari was fresh, light and very flavorful. The salad was amazing--- fresh heirloom tomatoes, basil, light dressing, marinated mozzarella and arugula presented as bite size morsels. I cannot wait to go back and try one of their talked up homemade pasta dishes. Their wine list was also appealing. Not to mention that the tiramasu at their bakery next door has been in my dreams nightly since my visit. Seriously.

District restaurants serving pizza I plan to visit soon:
Agraria Farmer's and Fishers

Will I cook pizza in the K Street kitchen this week? Doubtful, but I am sure I can cook up something other than chaos sometime soon...

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Anonymous said...

ummm, I believe we went to matchbox my dear, or did the rest of the evening kill so many brain cells that you forgot? mmwwwaaa.