Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lessons Learned Today...

1. I can accomplish a hell of a lot when I am under deadline. This weekend is one of those times.
2. What goes up must come down. A day of manic is followed by a half a day of zombie that requires too much coffee.
3. Pressure Washing does not equal instant gratification and should be avoided by the impatient, the obsessive compulsive or the perfectionist.
4. Never, I say never, paint in your favorite yoga pants.
5. I am always happier when clean.

*Written after 6 cups of coffee, 5 hours of pressure washing, 2 hours of painting, 30 minute shower and one memorial of very cute yoga pants. Sorry, I am too pooped for chicken or anything else that requires cooking. All food must be in form of liquid... I think I will resort to my new strawberry, green tea shake. *

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