Monday, October 5, 2009

Even a Poor Gal Gets Her Coffee...

... okay, I am not poor--- yet but my reserve is dwindling so I am trying to be a little more frugal. Yes, chaos gal can be frugal... she just picks and chooses her frugality.

For instance, I cannot give up good coffee so a frugal gal must rationalize or minimize this expense. I mean, do I need to spend $4 a day on caffeine? Recently I have been accumulating free Starbucks coffees by taking the "Via Taste Test Challenge." Each time you participate you get a free cup of Pikes Place. I have taken the challenge at three different District SBs and two in RI. I know, pathetic, right? I figure I have given this company enough money over the last 10 years that a free coffee here or there does not hurt.

The lesson learned is that a frugal gal does not have to go without the things she loves, she just has to get creative and consume in moderation... a challenge I am up for nearly everyday.

*Via is Starbuck's latest launch of gourmet instant coffee. It is actually quite tasty and is always the stronger on the taste test.*

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