Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chaos Goes Capeside...

This weekend I enjoyed a relaxing time waterside in Riverside, Rhode Island (5 miles from Providence). I spent three days with one of my best friends eating, drinking, shopping and exploring the cape. And laughing... laughing oh so much! I came back to the District more clear headed, rejuvenated and optimistic than I have been in a while.

(Me and Jill on the water in downtown Providence, a block from her office at Brown. After a glass of wine at Hemmingways and an afternoon of exploring it is windy and cold and we miss the bus while snapping this picture)

Favorite Rhody Food Spots:
At Olga's Cup and Saucer (right, see owners) I enjoyed a savory veggie sandwich on Sour Dough and a spicy, Chipotle Corn Chowder.

At The BeeHive Cafe (left, see helpful counter gal) in Bristol, for brunch on Sunday I ate a Smoked Salmon BLT that I am still dreaming about. Seriously, I would pay up to $8.42 to eat that sandwich again tonight. Their food was all organic and the pastries in their cases were so hard to resist!

For the majority of meals, J and I cooked at home with lots of Pinot Noir (insert our laughter, story telling and sometimes lyrical dance) ... a night spent with a good friend, good music and good wine are the best ingredients to make for the best restaurant in any town.

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