Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chaos and Construction

Yes, it is true... Chaos and Chicken Kitchen is under Construction. I promise this is no excuse (see right) to make up for the fact that I have not been cooking. In fact, I cooked last night (see below) .... but that was before the chaos and the construction and the chiseling.

Apparently there is an ordeal with the kitchen pipes in the old Shormeade building and I came home to a small man chiseling away my wall between my office and kitchen. I say this calmly now but I was far from calm then. Especially since I did not expect to come home to this small man or his jack hammer. Or the plaster dust. Did I mention it was EVERYWHERE? (read in loud frustrated voice). After a rant or two, a walk around the city and a call into my property manager I received the promise the the project would cease next week. So this week, as many in the past, there is only chaos, no chicken with the promise of less construction to come.

To hold you over, here is the recipe for a fun fall salad I created lastnight. It needs a name...any ideas?

Fall Hot Salad (Told you it needs a name)
Sweet Potatoes, cubed and cooked
Beluga Lentils
Spinach, cooked
Dash of salt, cinnamon, curry and red pepper
Teaspoon olive oil
Mix and serve. Preferably without plaster dust. Preferably with wine.

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