Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hey Jealousy...

So, do you remember that song by the Gin Blossoms, Hey Jealousy? When that song was popular in 1992 my niece Clarissa was two and very adorable. She went around singing "Hey Josey" because of her favorite cartoon Josey and the Pussy Cats. This is the version that played in my head as I laid in bed today, very sick, with my best friend telling me about her mid week get away in NYC. Not only is she in my favorite city, in the fall, but she is eating at two of my favorite restaurants. (Yes, since I am quarantined in my DC apartment with no appetite or energy to cook I have to write about another person's life---Sorry folks, that is all I have).

Buddakan is an upscale Asian Fusion restaurant located in the Meat Packing District. Very underrated from the outside but the grand nature of the dining area proves it different on the inside. The last time I was there I had Edamame Dumplings that were AMAZING... The parent
resteraunt is in Philly and I wish the very handsome (and talented) chef, Michael Schulson would concider another in DC... come on Mike, I could do the PR???!!! Or marry you... whatever it takes!

Balthazar is a traditional French bistro that has an energy that cannot be described on words. The hustle and bustle is rejuvenating but you can spend hours talking over lunch or a cappuccino. Co-chefs, Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr have done a fabulous job bringing a taste of Paris to NY. Again...guys, What about DC??? A comparable restaurant I have spoken of is CanCan in Richmond, VA that I believe was an adaptation of this model. Great food and atmosphere anytime of the day.

Jealous or not, I do wish my dear friend a weekday rendezvous full of fantastic memories, fall foliage and fun food...

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