Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Soapbox on Boxes...

I do not like boxes.
I do not like food that comes from a box. Period. If it comes in a box it can sit on a shelf. If it can sit on a shelf without decomposing then what does it do in your body? One time I purchased cupcakes (they came in a small box, mind you) from the grocery. I was going to shellac them for a window display. As I am telling the gal at the counter this she explains that if I just leave them out they will solidify without rotting. I did it. It worked. I used to think that I had thighs... now I am wondering if they are misplaced, trans-fat cupcakes from my childhood.

I also do not like the boxes people try to place you in. People constantly do it--- admit it, you do it too! You know little about someone so you try to categorize the things you know and label them. I get it... but most of the time the analysis is all wrong and very incomplete. I am a product of my experiences and am very complicated, folks. Life is not so black and white. Or square. Well, unless you are in my bathroom.

My words of wisdom for the week: Cook fresh things and think gray. Just steer clear of cooking items that are gray... that scares me!

PS- I do like boxes that are wrapped with ribbon, boxes filled with shoes and the brown cardboard box that my sweet dog came home in, circa 2003. See, I told you... I am complicated and you can try, my friend, but you cannot label that.

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