Friday, June 19, 2009

When one is not cooking she takes to talking in food analogies

So, I woke up in a bit of a panic this morning at 3:42 a.m. What am I doing leaping without a net? Moving without a plan? I always have a plan, I am Ms. Plans. And then, I took a deep breath and I thought about cooking. I am my most peaceful when cooking, my most creative, my most passionate. Should not I look to it for life lessons?

When I am making dinner (dear kitchen, I miss you) I don't really have plan, I have ingredients. Ingredients, gut instinct, experience and culinary expertise. I use these to select and match produce, meat and spices to create an end product that is often very delicious. The entire experience is organic and I rarely follow a recipe unless I am baking. Hmm... now that I think of it, some of my best work starts out with a blank canvas (or platter). Thinking of this makes me feel so much better.

So, my friends, I head back to slumber knowing that when I head out with my very unplanned, plan I am packed up with all the ingredients, expertise and experience to create a delicious adventure... the journey will be organic and hopefully filled with many tasty bites.

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