Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm looking at the gal in the mirror...or in my art?

If art is a reflection of our personalities, what does it say that most of my favorite art is of food?

I have a 12 day countdown until Chaos and Chicken packs up and hits the road. I am making final decisions as to what goes and what stays. Mostly things will stay... I am going from 1700 to a minimal 450 sq feet.

This weekend a friend asked me if I was keeping all of my art work. Over the years, especially through the store, I have created quite the collection. Today I took sometime to look it over to see if it (1) fits in my new space and (2) fits in my new life. I laughed because I had never really noticed, but a lot of the subjects are food... a Turkish man holding a pomegranate, Susan Lockwood's Blush, an oil painting of clementines in Italy... and even great food shots from the Eastern Market in DC. I guess that should not come as a surprise since cooking is my creative outlet and is really where I found comfort in this house.

I look around the boxes and I am everywhere... from the walls to furniture to the crazy gal that likes to cook reflected in the mirror. What items will create comfort in my new space? Do I carry the old me there or start fresh?

Hmm... I have a little less than two weeks to decide but I think I take my food art, my kitchen aid and shoes for now. I am sure as time goes on the mirrors will start to reflect new inspiration, new comforts and a gal that still likes to cook.

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