Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Hard Choices

People have been very surprised and somewhat disturbed at the amount of stuff that I have been able to purge preparing for my move. Sorry guys--for better or for worse, I have emotional attachment to people and experiences, not things. Or so I thought.

Last night I was sorting through kitchen gadgets and dishware that I can take or leave (stand-up mixer is going no matter how small that kitchen is) but I got to the basket on top of the fridge and alas... I came to a stand still: My Cooking Light Collection- Four years worth.

I don't even use them for the recipe, just inspiration. But still, the thought of giving them away them made me very sad. I know, I know--- I am a smart gal, I know that the 50 magazines cannot go (but 25 coats can?). I am working with 410 sq feet of space. But somehow last night, all logic went out the window. I turned around and walked away. I mean how could I give these away?

What I realize this morning as I box them up is: I am not attached to the paper (well, as pretend graphic designer I may be a little) what I am holding on to are the memories of the meals that were inspired by the content inside. With each item I give away or throw out there is a little emotional tie to a memory, whether I like to admit it or not. As each colorful issue hits the bottom of the Goodwill box I remind myself that life will be filled with many more meals, both delicious and exciting, and I can place these memories beside the old in the basket on my fridge, no magazines required...

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