Monday, June 8, 2009

When life gives you limes...

...well, this weekend we made vodka tonics.

This Saturday I was at one of the best weddings I have ever attended. The ceremony was very personal to the couple, the surroundings were amazing and the reception was uniquely fun. There were about 150 people at a lake house property, spread amongst a house, boat house, deck and studio. Instead of a sit down dinner each guest received a bucket with a cloth napkin, sandwich, homemade chips, veggies and water. You gathered a blanket and copped a squat, if you will. That coupled with appetizers and late night snacks was the perfect combination of casual fun. Oh and there was cake with an amazing raspberry filling. And did I mention the limes... they were a source of pleasure and pain (the next day) for me.

Here are the three things I learned from the evening:
1. I might want to be a back up in an 80's music band.
2. One can be sore from too much dancing
3. You should always leave with the person you came with... you might feel better the next day.

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