Monday, June 15, 2009

Just a little patience...

Two years ago I did not have the patience to bake a cake. I mean, come on, one hour and then you cool and then you ice it. And you have do exactly as the directions say. No way.

You see, I am goal driven. If I have a goal I not only meet it, but I go over and beyond. Just incase you did not know, I am just slightly competitive. On January 1, 2008 I decided that I would become a baker. With my lack of patience and my need to always improvise this proved to be challenging ... but I did it. Over the course of one year, I perfected a handful of cakes, more cookies than I choose to tell that I tasted, brownies, tortes, pastry... you name it and my lofty stand-up mixer and I created it.

I would like to say that since that cold January morning I have come a long way but waiting, WAITING to know what I will be doing is proving itself challenging. Maybe I need to break the rules, dirty our for-sale kitchen and remind myself what a little patience can get you.

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