Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year. Old Traditions.

2009 was a year of change. 

I left a business, a relationship and a zip code.  I changed careers and attitudes.  I even saw some of my likes and dislikes change... from attire, to hobbies to people.  What did not change is how I spent New Year's Day.

For five years, while in 24141* I had developed a tradition of an intimate NYE at home followed by an amazing NYD brunch at my house.  It fit my dueling personalities of introvert vs. extrovert or dog vs. cat.  I need a lot of one-on-one and alone time but then crave social situations the next day.  I loved my New Year's Brunch and that was one thing from my old zip code I was a little sad to leave behind... but seriously, how could I entertain in my shoe box?  

Though I did not have my normal quiet NYE at home set for two, I did celebrate NYD in a familiar way. Yesterday I co-hosted a New Year's Brunch, 20037 style.  My friend supplied the place and I supplied the food.  Together we hosted my best brunch yet!  There I was melting my old traditions and old menus in a new place, with new friends creating new memories.  I have never felt more like myself in the last seven months.  Any chef would tell you that the best dishes are created from the past.  I entered a new decade as new twist on an old recipe... and I know it is only one day in but I thinking this could be quite delicious! 
Happy New Year!!!

Menu as follows (several recipes already on Chaos, linked below):
Caramelized Onion Shitake Mushroom Quiche
Manderin Orange Salad
Mimosas.  Lots and lots of mimosas :)

On the New Year's Day Mix:
Breakdown- Brett Dennen and Missy Higgins
See How I Run- Jessi Baylin
Moment of Surrender-  U2
Once was Love- Ingrid Michealson
Honey Bees Fallin- Sean Hayes
Great Salt Lake- Band of Horses
Blindsided- Bon Ivers
See Green, See Blue- Jay May
Adeline (Live)- Adrianne
Nude- Radiohead
Distance and Time- Alicia Keys
Closer- Travis
Red Umbrella- Forrest Sun

*24141:  While visiting family I refered to "24141" and my 10 year old niece said with a confused face, "Um... what's 24141?"  I say, "It's where I used to live."  She says with a confident, you don't know what you are talking about smirk, 'Why don't you just say 'Where I used to live?'" I say with the same Price smirk, "Because I think it sounds more clever to say 24141."  She thinks a bit and then responds, "Yeah, you do have a point, Aunt Stacey."

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