Friday, January 8, 2010

Will I go Againn???

... only time will tell.

Speaking of time, that is something I have not had a lot of recently.  My dad told me the other day that he enjoyed my last entry but I needed to post more.  The pressure always comes from the top down, huh?  I know you are sick of my song but it is playing again, (this time in a remixed version) "too much chaos, not enough chicken."  My kitchen has not seen action since New Year's prep.  But rest assure, I am still eating just mostly out so I will keep scooping the chicken but it will come in form of restaurant review. 

This week I carved out a little time to check out a new District dish, Againn.  Will I go back?  Probably...not for the food but definitely for the bar.  It is a contemporary Gastro Pub with great atmosphere.  The chef is apparently amazing but the menu is just not my thing... I did not see Hagas but you get the gist.  Lots of heavy meats and traditional British grub.  I did have a beet salad and very tasty chips.  My dining companion was impressed with the scotch and bourbon selection and chatted up the bartendar about the wide array of mixers that come from all over the world.  They also boast lighted lockers where patrons can store their scotch for a mere $500 a month.  Great beer and wine list and Happy Hours on Monday thru Thursday.  Rumor has it this restauranteer has a French brasserie in the works, Fleur, and that is much, much more this gals style! 

Hoping to provide you with more K St. cooking soon...

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