Monday, December 7, 2009

Chaos Christmas List

Dear Santa,
As the holidays approach, I am thankful for all I have but I realize that my new life at Chaos on K is without a couple of essential items. To humor the season of giving, here is one gal's 2009 Holiday Wishlist:

1. A food processor. Last week I was all set to make my Edamame Brushetta for an Anthro Happy Hour. Edamame- Present. Garlic- Present. Fresh Parsley- Present. Olive Oil and Spices- Present. A food processor to blend it with- Absent. I angered as I realized it lives in the 24141 zip. Luckily I can adapt, with my quick culinary wit I moved on to my emulsion blender which worked but is no replacement to my Stainless Steel Cuisinart.

2. A griddle. Just this Saturday morning I had a grand idea to entertain with my famous Lemon Ricotta Pancakes (see recipe at Chaos Breakfast in Bed entry, circa 2008) . Couldn't. No griddle. You can make lots of things on a snowy Saturday morning without a griddle but darn it, you cannot make pancakes. I'm just saying.

3. Cable. I have fought it for long enough. I know, TV is bad. TV rots the brain. But tell me Santa, how is a gal that likes to cook to stay abreast of the latest and greatest if she does not have The Food Network. Not to mention my loss of Californiacation, Weeds, Entourage and a whole host of other mindless shows that can help me procrastinate.

It's that simple. Three things. That is all I, my kitchen and my little shoebox of an apartment need... well that, water pressure, consistent heat, a new pair of brown boots, unlimited iTunes gift card and extra money for a trip... but really, I will take what I get.

Cooking Gal @ Chaos that has been very good, circa 2009

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