Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Typical Sunday Feeding the Soul and Stacey

I try to be spontaneous.  I hate it when people predict me.  I despise the concept of a box. But on Sundays, my friends,  Sundays I have always been as predictable as the paper delivered to my doorstep.  As square as the box my latest shoes arrived in.  The characters and recipe in a Sunday meal might be spontaneously chosen but the core ingredients are a foundation that I rarely stray from--- food, friends and fine reading. 

And for this Sunday's meal...
For the character I chose a G*.  A G who loves good food and words as much as I.  A G who showed up while I was working at my client's shop--- Hello Cupcake.  A G who is always up for a trek across town.  A G who saw a run down building and immediately imagined (as I) a loft and restaurant downstairs run by a S.  A G who told me today we should form a band called G and the M Ds, with a straight face and I am certain meant it. 
The food was brought to me in the form of lunch eaten at Bus Boys and Poets, on 5th and K.  I had an amazing Veggie Burger and Sweet Potato Fries.  Served with sprouts, avocado and vegannaise on a chickpea bun, this burger competed closely to the one that I had three weeks ago at another District favorite--- Open City.  As a fan of the BBand P 14th and V location, I  equally loved the new location near Union Station.  In a brand new building, the atmosphere was a little more modern than V but the decor was still eclectic.  A combination of coffee shop, bar and restaurant... throw in a little retail and it is the perfect combination of food, books and my favorite two types of beverages.  The crowd was diverse and the food was the same--- amazing.  The service was a little slow but hey, it was Mother's Day and I am learning to be more forgiving**. 

The words, well they sprinkled in all day... they were found in The Post, NY Times.  A Plethora of magazines on Food, Fashion and Wellness (or scripture as I call it) at the Church of Barnes and Noble.  They were also found in great conversation exploring life and love and pursuit of all things food.  And finally in the form of lyrics in new tunes from indie bands such as Horse Feathers and Local Natives

Add a very tasty Bloody Mary to the mix, four miles of walking  and all that reading... I was on my couch napping by 5 p.m.  Predictable or not, Sundays are a day of rest, rejuvenation and really, whatever makes you happy.

* Not to be confused with my two other G's.  One, though often there in spirit, words and lyrics is AWOL in physical sense on most of the seven days a week.  One is never around on a weekend and this one, well, this one is a predictable, reoccurring guest star on a weekly basis.

**On Saturday I was slightly less forgiving when I sat for 20 minutes at a restaurant I will not speak of on 17th without any service.  It is just like the kid's fable, Little Bunny FooFoo, "I'll give you three whole chances"  or in baseball terms, "Three strikes you are out."  Right now they are 1.75 chances/strikes out. 

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