Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Silky Cheesecake, Soy Spill and Stacey's Version of Pizza in the Raw

Once upon a time, this weekend, I checked out a new vegan/raw cafe in Dupont--- Cafe Green. Owned by the same people who do Java Green, this 17th St cafe is sure to be a hit to Washingtonian vegetarians. 
Normally I get annoyed when I do not have full control over my order but my dining companion's choices proved tasty.  We sampled a lentil burger, a raw pizza, baked (or not so baked) fries, and various Asian inspired items on a sample tray.  Even though I negated ordering dessert I had to share in the amazing vegan chocolate cheese cake (see right). It was seriously the best dessert I have had in a while.  (Truthfully, I am still thinking about this creamy creation, 3.7 times today to be exact). 

The food was not only great it inspired mimicking.  On Sunday night I found myself trying to re-create the pizza crust.  I made mine with lentils (as the waitress explained was in the version I tried) but I think I did not soak them long enough.  Below is a recipe I will try as soon as my lentils have "spouted".

Raw Pizza Crust
     1.5 cups lentils, sprouted 2 tbsp olive oil 1/2 cup carrot pulp or grated carrot 1/2 cup flax seeds, soaked Spices and herbs to taste
Place the lentils in a mixing bowl, drizzle oil (olive is good) over them, add the flax seeds and carrot pulp. Mix with a large spoon. Then scoop the groats into a food processor or blender. With the blender, you may want to add a little liquid.

Coat a solid cookie sheet with oil, and scoop 3 or 4 big scoops onto it a mound about six inches in diameter. If the dough is sticky, use filtered water to moisten your hands.
Shape the dough into a rough square and flatten. Smooth the top and edges to form a ten inch square, checking the depth by inserting a knife. It should be the same depth as the edges, 1/4th to 1/2 inch.
Dehydrate at 100 degrees  for about eight hours, until the crust is dry enough to transfer. Lift crust with a spatula and transfer to a mesh dehydrating rack for faster double-sided dehydrating. Dehydrate for another eight hours. When done, crust should be very dry.
The pizza we ate (that was both raw and TINY) was served with raw bread, sun-dried a little tomato sauce, basil & onion.  Despite the size (seriously, did you see the other food ordered?) it was quite tasty! 

Overall, I give Cafe Green a B+.  There food is great but their service could use a little seasoning.   (Please note if the waitress had not spilled soy sauce on my I would have given them an A.)  I will definitely return, soon.  This time for dinner... there was a curry dish that has my name all over it! 

Visit Cafe Green at 1517 17th St Nw (between N Church St & N P St)

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