Monday, May 3, 2010

Lads who Lunch. . .

Dear Jamie Oliver:
I think I may possibly be in love with you.

What I am certain of:
I do love your accent.  I adore how you say pasta (to be read PAST-a). I love your organic way of growing and cooking.  (Give a man a shovel, a spatula, have him sing a song or play any sort of instrument and I am known to weaken) 
I do love how passionately you chop your veggies.  Most of all I love what you stand for and I DEFINITELY love your latest initiative--Food Revolution.  Please keep spreading your mindset one state, one school system and one young person at a time.  You are showing us that 1) Reality TV isn't all bad, and 2) One person (with a TV camera and a Rolodex) can make a difference.


We had a healthy (no pun intended) debate recently in my office about California's decision to remove toys from Happy Meals more than 450 calories.  As a person that vows to make her (potential) future child crave sushi and brussel sprouts, I bet you can guess what side of this regulation I was on :) 
We are past the point of changing how people eat one person at a time.  Sure we can educate them but until there is more regulation from states, governments and school systems on healthy standards the majority of American's will continue to eat what is the least expensive and easiest to get.  Well, that is unless they live in DC.  A trip to Wholefoods on P Street will show you that almost every Type A Washingtonian does care about eating healthy and organic without any reservations about price, distance or the VERY long lines to get there. Initiatives like Jamie Olivers', Michelle Obama's and the state of California are a start in a very long journey to a healthier US. 

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