Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Food+Wine+Richmond= A New Attitude and New Jeans?

This weekend I escaped to Richmond, VA for a little F & S--- some people travel for R & R, I go for the food and the shopping. When I checked my bank account you would think that I went on a shopping spree but no... all food... and wine. I did come back rejuvenated (many thanks to Esra, Jess and Katie) and a little heavier (thank you CanCan, Mezzanine, Sensi, Maggiannos and Verbena)... but it was totally worth it.

Culinary Highlights:
This restaurant is owned by a friend of mine from high school...
Located in Carytown, they have many, many more small plate options.
It is small and was packed... we sat at the bar and it cozy!

Ahi Tuna and Sweet Potato Fritters
(also a yummy wine tasting--thanks to Todd and Randy!)

CanCan Brasserie
My favorite resteraunt in Richmond, I had to have food there twice. It has a great
atmosphere with Old World French charm. Oh, and amazing food.
Dinner- Braised Lamb with Pear and Celery Root Puree and Root Vegetables
Brunch- Beignets, Braised Pork and Gouda Omelet, Peach Bellini

A chain but a yummy one... while shopping I had to help my self to Gnocchi in Vodka Sauce and
Fried Calamari

A little bit of a let down BUT still inspired by the Lime Basil Risotto with Seared Scallops

Locate two blocks away from Esra's was my favorite new fine. Quaint, artsy and sophisticated. The menu is the same... Went there after Sensi so just enjoyed wine and great conversation. Loved the upscale/unstuffy bar located upstairs. Wish we had someplace like this in the NRV... next time I will have to try the lamb!

until next time, Richmond... you will see me again soon!

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