Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meltdown and no tuna melts...

Last night I was at my salon, Bang, which happens to be around the corner from my favorite Tuna Melt place--- you know, the one with the heavenly sour dough, having a new guy cut my hair. Anyone that knows me knows that my hair is my thing; hair, food and music. I am always searching for the perfect cut and the perfect hairdresser. Last night my hairdresser had a meltdown, mid-cut... and this was a far cry from perfect.

Over analysing over drinks and roasted vegetable salad (will power not want kept me away from the decadent Tuna Melt), my friend and I decided that D (the hairdresser) sees himself as an artist and the meltdown came from lack of forsight on what to do with my canvas. I began to empathise as I remembered a time I had a slight meltdown (or ten) while preparing my beloved store this time of the year for the holiday season. Nothing is more frustrating than getting designers block after moving all of the furniture in the middle of the floor, mid day and knowing you have to create something because your store is FULL with customers. Sometimes you have to just move forth and create, forsight or not. You fight back the tears and the fear of failure and you move forth! D finally moved forth and created. I am unsure whether either of us is truly happy with the canvas...what I am certain of is that he is glad the furniture has been moved. *As I reminisce I am missing all my ShopGals and all the support they gave me through my 10 (well maybe 10.5) meltdowns. I have a feeling that I will think of you often, if not daily over the next month. Love you madly!*

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