Friday, November 5, 2010

A Mobile Gal's Guide to the Best Working Cafes

As I was took a conference call while running on Rock Creek Park trail yesterday I decided that I love my job.  Now, do not get me wrong, I am busy but I am mostly the master of my time... and where I spend it. 

I have a home office on K but mostly I am mobile finding the best real estate
in the city's best cafes.

Mobile Gal's Favorite DC (and one VA) Office Spots

1. TrystPros: Strong coffee, good music, tuna melt
Cons: I almost always have to purchase the tuna melt and frequent run ins with people I want to avoid.

2. Filter
Pros: Amazing pour overs, sometimes a tasting from owner, quiet enviornment
Cons: Filter is small so you have to wish and hope and pray (and often stalk) for a good table.

3. MidCity CafePros: Pour over coffee, tasty yogurt (see above) and almost always a table.
Cons: Often runs out of baked goods (could be pro or con)

4. Michas
Pros: Great iced Americano, amazing scones and good service.
Cons: Location is only right for my Alexandria working days and see second part of Tryst con. 

5. Baked and Wired
Pros: Amazing iced Americano and cappacino, friendliest staff in town and best baked goods.
Cons: Location is rarely near where I need to be and I cannot leave there without one of their delicious brownies! 

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