Saturday, March 20, 2010

Three Whole Days...

(Isn't that a Ray Lamontagne song?)

Once upon a time, earlier this week, I was vegan.  Yes, that's right, a vegan.  After 1 email and an hour and 10 minute of research I decided to give up meat, cheese and all animal products.  Not only was I giving up animal products but also gluten.  Oh and wine.  Wine for a week.  $50 and a trip to Wholefoods later I was stocked up on all my favorite plant based foods and ready to go.  Three whole days of veganism and I fell off the animal-free wagon pretty fast Tuesday night at a spontaneous meal while consuming Goat Cheese Lamb Ragu and a very dry Bordeaux.  It was amazing, I savored each bite and I did not turn back.  Am I sad I could not persevere for more than 36 hours?  Yes.  Do I have regrets? No.

Maybe this week I will try three more days (Ah yes, that is the Ray Lamontagne song I was thinking of) but this is an example of the "inside a box rules" I enforce and break weekly. Why is it that a gal that hates rules so much creates so many?    Lesson learned is moderation but that is a lesson that takes many, many tries for this gal what is a little bit of chicken, a whole lot of chaos and all or nothing when it comes to life. 

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