Monday, June 21, 2010

Culinary MacGyver

Last night, amidst a salt and crunch craving, I tested my girl scout skills of the kitchen. I am embarrassed to say what I wanted was a chip--- you know, the carb filled,salt slathered, often processed version of a snack. But the healthy gal that makes smart decisions wouldn't even justify a trip to TJ's for the organic baked kind. If I wanted a salty snack I was to make do.

All I could find in my cabinets that had the characteristics of something that might partially work was seaweed. Hmmm--- what happens when you roast seaweed? Well, my friends, of you brush with a mixture of sesame oil and wasabi you get an addictive sea vegatable chip that is sure to satisfy a crispy craving.

As I contemplate what I want to be when I grow up I wonder what one said eagle scout cook can do with these resourceful skills? How do you translate this to a vita or resume? This skill, coupled with my ability to remember the lyrics of every song I have heard since circa 1978 must be of value somewhere... Right?

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